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You find the traffic, We do the rest

Not a Smartlink, rather a Smart Offer. Let us do the boring stuff while you sit back and get paid!

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It’s the easiest way to monetize your traffic

Why work with us?

Becoming a successful media buyer can be a real slog. We know that finding traffic is the part where you excel, when your creativity and enterprise can really be seen. But you also have to spend so much time on things like optimizing flows. Let’s be honest, that can be tedious and boring.

That’s where we come in. All you need to do is find the traffic and send it to the link we provide. We accept all forms of traffic. One link per GEO/Device, and you’re good to go.

Our specialist, internal media buying team, based in Amsterdam, are constantly optimizing and upgrading our 100 funnels to ensure we squeeze the maximum out of your traffic.

You get paid per lead/conversion generated. It’s really that easy!

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How it works


We give you one link

We provide you with access to Cake and a separate link for each GEO/device.


You send us traffic

You find traffic and send it to this link.


We optimize

Bravo is our in-house auto-optimiser built by our internal media buying team, and optimizes based on EPCs using a state-of-the-art algorithm.


You get paid

Sit back and watch as your traffic gets sent to the best funnels every time. You get paid per lead generated.

What is an Optimuum Smart Offer?

High-Performing Media Buying Funnel

We have over 100 funnels built by our in-house media buying team and are constantly optimising to ensure they get the best results every time.

Single Link Per GEO/Dev

No more separate links for each offer page and each offer. Our Smart Offer is just 1 link per GEO/DEV.

In-House Offers & Prelanders

We have a proven, high-performing catalog of offers and prelanders.

26 GEOs

We work with 26 separate GEOs, and we have high-performing, high-paying funnels designed specifically for each GEO.

Bravo: Auto-Optimiser

This inhouse tool allows us to optimize funnels automatically using a breakthrough affiliate marketing algorithm created by us. Rest assured, our funnels are the best out there.

Comprehensive Backend Feedback

End to End overviews of backend results. Granular backend data on Sources, sub sources, OS, Browsers, etc

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Who are we?

This is not your typical affiliate marketing network. Optimuum is built by media buyers, for media buyers. We are Amsterdam based, have years of experience at the highest level and know exactly how to ensure your traffic reaches its maximum potential.

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Optimuum is a CPA network that makes Affiliate Marketing easy.

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